YUTAKA YAGUCHI Sensei 9th Dan May 2015 course


7th Annual I.S.K.F England Karate Seminar . YUTAKA YAGUCHI Sensei 9th Dan May 2015 SPECIAL INSTRUCTORS AND BLACK BELTS CLASSES. Open to all Shotokan Karate Practitioners .Everyone is welcome to attend , Feel free to invite your students and friends Oss. ————————–————————–————– Friday 29/05/2015 18.30 -19.30 Instructors and black belts … Continue reading

Sensei Simon Oliver 6th Dan

Simon Oliver 6th Dan JKR Profile UK Chief InstructoSimon Oliver is a well known international instructor who also runs the JKR-UK Hombu Dojo in Nottingham. He holds qualification in many martial arts, including several different styles of karate, Jujitsu, Kenjitsu, Iaijitsu, Judo and Aikido. This wide range of skills makes … Continue reading